Sunday, January 04, 2009

433 - Seven Pounds review

"Seven Pounds" makes the mistake of assuming that the audience has enough energy to care about both the awkward mystery surrounding Will Smith's character and his chemistry-light romance with Rosario Dawson. Filmmakers need to be wary of scripts that shield us from the basics of the story until the close; here, director Gabriele Muccino demonstrates none of the delicacy needed to steer a blacked out narrative efficiently into the light.

In lieu of skillful storytelling, we're provided with a stream of shots and scenes demonstrating how kind and photogenic Smith is. He's an IRS agent giving away life changing favors to people in need, though his criteria seems to be limited to people that simply aren't evil. There's a purpose to this that half the audience will deduce within the first hour, though it gets put on hold so that Smith can put the moves on Dawson. It's one of those cinematic love stories that exists not because of spiritual connection or circumstance, but because the actors are too good looking not to copulate. By the time the pair takes a casual stroll through 2008's most scenic field, the film's syrupy thickness reaches critical mass and everyone who called the plot secrets early on just wants the pertnient characters to die, already.

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