Wednesday, January 07, 2009

434 - Milk review

This about is the level of serious thought "Milk" aspires to:

Gus Van Sant: No, Dan White, YOU'RE gay. Take THAT!

1.5 out of 5


William said...

That bad huh? I saw the preview and it looked interesting, but I wasn't too impressed by what I saw.

Steve C. said...

Yeah, painting Dan White with the closeted-homophobe brush was... um... I'll say ill-advised.

James said...

Steve: I'm glad you agree, because I've long had a problem with the tendency of homosexuals to label any ostensibly anti-gay individual a closet case.

The issue here is that the response is intended as an insult, with it carrying the bite of the stigma of homosexuality. In effect, a gay individual who asserts that one of their opponents is a closeted homosexual is also announcing that the preference is, in fact, deserving of the scorn society has given it.

While perhaps that's part of the point for some, "Milk" is supposed to be waving the pink flag, yet its assertion that Dan White was gay undermines that message. Plus, it's lazy writing, which I suppose does fit well with the rest of the script.

Laura said...

Dammit, James, you were right... you ARE the first James Frazier to come up on google.

James said...

Laura: I'd be lying if I said that didn't make me happy. If someone ever asks me what I've accomplished in life, I can tell them that my blog comes at the top of Google searches for my first and last name.