Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I laughed rapturously at this review of election spoiler Ralph Nader's "novel" about an America that is transformed via a firm shove into a socialist paradise. Nader's premise is that a cabal of left-wing billionaires and celebrities team up to fix this country's problems once and for all. The laughter comes in when you see his cast of characters, including (but not limited to): Warren Buffett, Ted Turner, Ross Perot, Bill Cosby, Phil Donahue, and Yoko Ono (who apparently is a bit of a femme fatale here).

The stupidity is so enormous that my lexicon fails to conjure words proper to describe it. Ridiculous is when I get told by the sheriff's office that they only hand out permits to acquire on MWF, not TTh. This is utterly insane, and proof positive that Nader is not the shrewd, benevolent figure that captivated so many wannabe hippies and conspiracy theorists, but a self-aggrandizing buffoon who indulges in bizarre fantasies about himself (running for president) and the famous people he admires (the fate of America rests in the capable hands of Yoko Ono).

Beyond the laughter, though, I'll point out that the premise seems quite insidious. A group of wealthy people teaming up to tell America how to behave sounds awfully autocratic to me. If someone were to write the same novel but from the right instead of the left, how long before they were compared to Hitler?


Steve C. said...

You say that as though the far right isn't already flogging some Hitler comparisons.

Seriously, though, that Nader book sounds like a load of pants. Read about it in Newsweek and sighed heavily as a once-fascinating and useful guy further spirals into irrelevance.

James said...

Ah, you're correct. There were Bush/Hitler comparisons for years, but lately I've been seeing a lot of references to the Hitler thing, courtsey of a few total loons and the media that makes sure to highlight them.

Nader's book really is hard to fathom, isn't it? I actually triple checked to make sure I wasn't posting a clever joke. I'll give credit where it is due, however: Nader was on of Ali G's best guests.

Ramin said...

I heard someone say that the only liberals who called Bush hitler were the the weirdos and immature college students on the far-left fringe but never from mainstream media (except Colbert who did it as a parody), whereas you get Hitler references about Obama from Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck, each on more than one occasion and not in jest.

I don't know if that is true, but by my recollection it is an accurate statement.