Saturday, January 23, 2010

523 - You Aught to Know - 41-43

All films listed: 41-43, 15 points each

The Best of Youth, Marco Tullio Giordana, 2005

To call La Meglio gioventù an epic, as most do, is an attempt to reduce it to something manageable, when in reality it transcends the meaning of the word. For beyond the limits of the epic is filmmaking in the grandest sense. It is the territory of Kieslowski and Bergman and Fassbinder, men who created works bigger than a single film and subsequently changed the landscape of film itself. And while La Meglio gioventù is not quite at that level (only a select few are), it is perhaps as close as anyone's gotten in the last ten years. Without question, it is the best film of 2005. - Lucas McNelly

Happy-Go-Lucky, Mike Leigh, 2008

Into the Wild, Sean Penn, 2007

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