Tuesday, January 26, 2010

527 - You Aught to Know - 38

Up, Pete Docter, 2008, 19 points

The 2000's taught audiences to expect unimpeachable aesthetic beauty from Pixar, but Up (along with the previous year's WALL-E) represented an accomplishment in storytelling that had seemingly everyone declaring the company the only certain producer of great films.

Up tells two human stories; one about curmudgeon Carl's 50 year relationship with his beloved wife, the other his unlikely bonding with a lonely boy scout. The former is a masterwork of silent pathos as the story of a lifetime is told quite literally as one infused with incalculable amounts love and heartbreak; the latter is a whimsical, warm-hearted fantasy-adventure that imparts a priceless moral to its young and elderly heroes. Both exhiliarting and gentle, the way the experience brightens their spirits is as uplifting as the balloon-laden home that ascends to the heavens. I can't think of a more lovely film in my lifetime; to watch this is to embrace exuberance. - James Frazier

Editor's Note: Due to an accounting error, 3:10 to Yuma was originally listed on this entry. It now will return later.

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