Thursday, January 28, 2010

528 - You Aught to Know - Eric Mohling

1. Seabiscuit, Gary Ross, 2003

You can’t say enough about the film. If I could steal all the money made from Spider-Man, another Tobey Maguire movie, I’d give it to Gary Ross, the director of Seabiscuit. I always say it’s Days of Thunder with horses. It’s a very touching movie about the depression, and I guess human spirit, or horse spirit.

2. The Fast and the Furious, Rob Cohen, 2001

Cops and robbers. Lots of Japanese cars. Vin Diesel. Some of the best action of 2000. What else can be said?

3. The Ring, Gore Verbinski, 2002

Speaking of Japanese, a remake of a Japanese horror movie. Naomi Watts: where would the decade in film be without her? The movie is scary and makes me happy that we switched to DVD, unless that little bitch could create DVD as well as tapes, or upload curses to her Facebook.

4. Hustle and Flow, Craig Brewer, 2005

“Whoop that trick, whoop that trick.” I love hip hop. Its like Seabiscuit if you think about it; a pimp with a few hoe in his stable tries to change his life and by starting a rap career.

5. Pride and Prejudice, Joe Wright, 2005

Its been made so many times. It’s so beautiful, funny, and touching. The story usually does the trick for me, but in this one the images and framing and motion seal the deal.

6. In the Bedroom, Todd Field, 2001

Good short story, but the movie is shocking and wrenching. All about the acting.

7. The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan, 2008

A crime saga. It’s Star Wars for cool people.

8. Blue Crush, John Stockwell, 2002

It all can’t be serious. Sometimes you wan’t to watch a cheesy surf movie with cute girls, and it shouldn’t be so good, but in this case, it is.

9. The Company, Robert Altman, 2003

Robert Altman, I like him. Here he turns his sights to a ballet company. It’s should be random and awkward the way it is filmed like a documentary, yet it works seamlessly. You get into the story and it sorta feels all the more authentic. Like the Real World but more complex emotions and less hooking up.

10. The Rules of Attraction, Roger Avary, 2002

Has the best minute of any movie I’ve ever seen. One of the character’s extended trip to Europe is summed up in that minute.

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