Thursday, February 11, 2010

542 - You Aught to Know - 19-20

Dancer in the Dark, Lars von Trier, 2000, 27 points

Grizzly Man, Werner Herzog, 2005, 27 points

Werner Herzog's assembly of hours and hours of Alaskan "journeyman" Timothy Treadwell's footage living with grizzly bears left me speechless for days after first seeing it. Knowing Treadwell's ultimate fate-he was killed by one of the animals he loved-is compelling in and of itself. But the true magic rests in the way Herzog crafts a Herculean tragedy out of the story by trying to understand the cryptic and isolated Treadwell in a way that actually does justice to the man, even if viewers end up walking out still thinking he's batshit crazy. - Danny Baldwin

Next time on You Aught to Know: 18-19

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