Tuesday, February 16, 2010

547 - You Aught to Know- Avatar - #13 (tie)

Avatar, James Cameron, 2009, 29 points

There isn't much about Avatar that has gone unmentioned. Just imagine the subjects a Lexis-Nexis search would bring up; articles on alien botany, American militarism, New Age mysticism, racism, environmentalism, 3D films, and even the future of cinema! It's a rare picture that inspires such wide-ranging yet mainstream attention. From budget to run time to box office gross, Avatar is a big film, one whose impact exceeded everyone's expectations, unless you were one of the prescient folks who knew that director James Cameron could conquer the movieplexes again. Like Cameron's Titanic in the 90's, the success is staggering, but its merit among cinephiles is ripe for debate. Is it a breathtakingly exhilarating sci-fi masterpiece, or a stupifyingly inept story bolstered by a small nation's GDP? Your mileage may vary; this writer falls in the latter camp, whereas one such as Ryan Droste counts among the former. Soon, we'll see if the Academy wants to treat Avatar as kindly as it did Titanic. But love it or hate it, Cameron kept his self-bestowed crown. - James Frazier

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