Saturday, February 13, 2010

You Aught to Know - 15-16

25th Hour, Spike Lee, 2002, 27 points

The setting- a New York City still quaking from 9/11- got most of the press, but Spike Lee’s film would be a major work regardless of its time or place. As Monty (Edward Norton) readies himself for his upcoming jail sentence (for dealing drugs), he has to come to grips with the choices he’s made in life, while assessing his relationships with his friends, his girlfriend, and his family. It’s a lot for one film, but Lee has always been a bold filmmaker, and he never steps wrong. Was there a more heartrending sequence this decade than the final reel of 25th Hour, in which Monty’s dad (Brian Cox) lays out an alternate future for his son? Not for me, there wasn’t. - Paul Clark

Amélie, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 2001, 27 points

Another feel-good movie makes my list. In a movie told with all the important details a young woman sets about to improve the world around her. Her series of good deeds and comeuppance dealing pranks brings the finale in which karma catches up with her just when she least expects it. - Ryan Toppin

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