Tuesday, April 13, 2010

576 - Hot Tub Time Machine review

Irony, like uranium, is a dangerous property for those unequipped to use it. The filmmakers behind “Hot Tub Time Machine” are proof positive of this, textbook examples of what happens when the self-proclaimed smartest people in the room come together to work on something ironic, which in this case means what star/writer/producer John Cusack readily identifies as “stupid” humor. Of course by “stupid” he really means “lowbrow,” because something that’s genuinely funny can’t truly be stupid.

But he’s unintentionally right, because “Hot Tub Time Machine,” a comedy about four douche bags who get transported back into the 1980’s via the titular device, is in fact really stupid. Hey, there’s some irony for you! The primary factor that keeps “HTTM” a notch above disaster is an inspired performance by Rob Corddry, a delicious bit of comedic acting that actually acknowledges that his character is a jerk off. That he’s at least in touch with that fact, in contrast to everyone else who plays it totally straight, gives his scenes a levity that’s sorely needed amongst the self-congratulatory loserfest that pads his scenes.

2 out of 5

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