Friday, April 23, 2010


I'm not an expert on the history of terrorism and thuggish religious groups, but contemporary parts of fundamentalist Islam likely take the all-time win for childish petulance. For all the eye-rolling some like to give Christians today, they don't throw up nearly as much protest over even serious offenses, and they account for a much smaller amount of things Americans supposedly revile, such as violence against women. So what does it say about our climate right now that a domestic Islamic group can get an episode of "South Park" censored just by Twittering a threat? Not to compare the horror of 9/11 to a some beeps over a TV show, but capitulating to the whining of evil trash does little other than to prove that the sort of violence they threaten is effective. Even a character's speech about the dangers of capitulating to intimidation was censored, and it apparently didn't even mention Muhammad. Comedy Central's execs should be ashamed. Perhaps it's good that "24" is ending now before whole seasons have to be bleeped out.


Tommy said...

I guess it all comes down to principle really. As a poker player, I'll say that Matt and Trey are willing to gamble for what they believe in. A few nutjob zealots are anteing death threats, and they are more than willing to call that bet risking their own safety to stand up for what they believe. Freedom of speech, what many Americans consider our most precious asset, is once again being threatened with violence. And it's clear that the South Park creators will not stand for it, regardless of consequences.
Comedy Central on the other hand, feels differently. It's somewhat understandable, if you ignore the business aspect of it. They produce dozens of shows, with countless employees, and there is no guessing how far these crazies are willing to go. So from their standpoint it may be understandable that they wouldn't want to risk the future or families of all the people they employ.
Either way, it's an unfortunate scenario, but one I feel needs to be dealt with (and not bleeped out) sooner than later if we want any kind of peace in this world.

Ramin said...

There was a "Draw Mohammad Day" protest on Facebook and Youtube in which I participated.

Trust me, I am every bit as critical of Islam as I am of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, or any other religion.