Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ebert issues only a single star to the latest big screen "Sex and the City," a review that's as brutal of a takedown as any I could ever hope to write. I'll probably be taking the girl I'm currently sleeping with to the movie soon, but unlike Ebert, I have the benefit of having watched the entire series beforehand. Why have I seen the entire series? An easy answer is that I had HBO in my bedroom in high school. But there was some admittedly clever writing strewn about, with characters that occasionally managed to breach the confines of cliche.

Yet for the last few years, I've lamented the series' impact on women my own age, who swallow the material uncritically and gush about these lewd, hyper-promiscuous women as if they had even a cursory relationship with reality (they don't.) Just as spinster Jane Austen insisted that all women need to insist that every man who doesn't match a perfect fantasy wasn't worth one's time, here gay man Michael Patrick King pitches happiness in terms of rich husbands, obscene fashion and discussions about the various flavors of semen. Is there any woman born between 1978 and 1990 who has both watched the series and/or films and dislikes it? I'd like to hear that woman's commentary. "Which one of the 'Sex and the City' girls do I most resemble?" I've been asked more than once. "I hope none of them," is my unfailing answer.


Paul C. said...

My lady falls just outside the 1978-1990 age bracket, but she's close enough that I think her opinions on the subject are noteworthy. Anyway, we started dating less than a month before the first S&TC movie was released, and fairly early on we were having a conversation about movies, whereupon she told me, "don't worry about me dragging you to SEX AND THE CITY. I have no interest in seeing it." It was around that time that it dawned on me that she might be a keeper.

James said...

Certainly so. Not that there aren't lots of wonderful women who loves S&TC, but I seemingly can't find any my age who aren't on the bandwagon. Is there any sort of comparable piece of culture for men of a similar age? The closest thing I can think of is "Entourage," and that inspires nowhere close to the fervor that S&TC does.