Monday, February 28, 2011


The Oscars are done and over with. My predictions were largely correct, with the exception of a Wally Pfister upset over Roger Deakins, and Tom Hooper's monstrously stupid win over David Fincher, amongst others. The Oscar poll I held on this blog indicated that my readers overwhelmingly favored "The Social Network," giving it five times as many votes as "The King's Speech," and more than twice the number of "Black Swan," the runner-up.

As for the show, hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway were widely panned, though I admittedly didn't think it was so bad. I enjoyed the show much more than the year Hugh Jackman hosted and got the impression the Oscars were only watched by gay men with musical theater degrees. Melissa Leo came off looking the worst to me, first pulling the "I'm so surprised" nonsense a child could see through, then stumbling through a curse-word laden speech. I'm thinking a couple of voters wish they'd marked someone different on the ballot after that one.

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