Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Recently, my pal Danny Baldwin and I, convinced that what the internet needed was one more movie website, put our heads together and came up with Critic Speak, a new source for entertainment news and reviews.

The website has been up and running for over a week, and has thus far proven more successful than we had originally anticipated. And we're not even close to where we intend to be, as the coming weeks will see the addition of a number of the web's best voices on film, TV, and whatever else those in the key advertising demographics enjoy. 

That said, this blog will continue as it always has, primarily as an outlet for my own reviews, although now a great number of them will be exclusive to Critic Speak. I've already got reviews of "The Raid: Redemption" and "American Reunion" up, with many more to come. We have big plans, and we're certain that there will be something for just about everyone.

Visit Critic Speak for the reviews, but stay and return for the news, as the site is updated several times daily. Hope to see you there!

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